How tracking works

Our tracking service saves cookies in the browser of users that use websites of our clients and saves an identifier based on other information received from that browser. The cookies and identifiers are solely used to accurately track the success of our client's advertising campaigns and to attribute this success to the right publisher. We do not save, process or use any other personal data when doing so.

Deactivating cookies

If you don't want the cookies to be saved in your browser you can set this up in your browser settings. Depending on your browser you can completely deactivate cookie storage, deactivate it only for specific websites or let it notify you when a cookie is set. It should be noted however that cookies play an important role in the usability of the internet, deactivating them might worsen your browsing experience. Alternatively you can also delete cookies from your browser at any time.

Opt-out of tracking

In addition to the cookie settings in your browser, we offer the possibility to opt-out of our tracking. Doing so will save an opt-out cookie in your browser that will prevent our tracking service from saving the tracking cookies and identifiers.